Donate Clothes to Charity. Effortlessly.

Simply book a charity collection slot with us, pack up your unwanted clothes and household items, then we’ll collect them from your doorstep and donate the proceeds to charity.
You Book.
You Book.
You Pack.
You Pack.
We Collect.
We Collect.
We Donate.
We Donate.

Effortless Giving

At Anglo Doorstep Collections, we help people all around the UK to effortlessly declutter their homes, by collecting unwanted clothes and household items straight from their doorsteps. We then donate the proceeds to charity.

It’s easy. All you need to do is to book a collection, pack up your unwanted clothes and household items and we collect directly from your doorstep.

You don’t even need to be at home. We call this Effortless Giving.

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Donated to Charity since 2021
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Our Charity Partners

MediCinema (1058197) have the power to transform the mental resilience of thousands of hospital patients every year, helping them cope with the challenging and often frightening situations they are facing.

Advance (Charity no: 1086873) are a domestic abuse charity. That helps women and children rebuild their lives and give them the much-needed support.

Ecologi is a platform to reverse and halt climate change by planting trees. So far, we have planted 58,165 trees. When you book with us, you can choose to plant 1 tree.

Together for Short Lives (Charity no: 1144022) is a leading UK charity for children with life-threatening & life-limiting conditions.

How it Works.


Make a booking.

Simply visit our booking page, enter your postcode, and select your slot.

Please add any relevant driver notes, such as where the donations will be left or if your house is hard to find.

We regularly visit most areas across the UK.


Book. Book.

Pack up your items.

Simply put your unwanted clothes and household items into suitable bags or boxes.  You can leave the donations outside your home or inside and our drivers will knock on collection day.

We collect most items. If you have a large amount, please email us to make sure we have space on the day (over 20 bags/boxes), but check here to see what we can and can’t collect.

Pack. Pack.

We’ll collect.

We’ll send you a reminder email the evening before and all you need to do is have your donations ready for collection and we’ll do the rest.

Collection. Collection.
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We will donate!

We sort the donations and rehome all around the world to countries who need and desire the items most. After costs, we can donate 60% of the proceeds to our partnered charities.

60% of proceeds go
to charity

Here’s What our Customers say:

Dilly Carter – BBC Sort Your Life Out
My team and I book this service week and week out and without fail they are there collecting our clients’ unwanted goods for charity! I love this service, and it helps me in my business immensely! Declutter Dollies
Rebecca Blake – Northampton
Brilliant service always collected on booked day tracking system brilliant if weather a bit off so you don’t leave bags in rain. Drivers are always polite and brilliant, raising money for various charities.
Andrew H – Gloucester
Thanks for the email & for organising a collection so last minute. It would have taken me ages to deliver all that stuff to charity shops myself! I’m glad the proceeds will go towards the 4 great charities your company supports.
Nikki – Liverpool
I love using Anglo collections saves me carrying bags to charity shops. They also clear on what they accept and there is transparency in what the money raised is used for. Excellent service, they miss a collection!!!
Moira Pounder – Rochester
I’ve had my collection today – spot on the time I was given 👏 I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your whole set up. Well done!
Linda D – Surrey
Anglo Doorstep Collections are reliable and so easy to get all your unwanted items re-used. Easy to book. Pack and leave outside your property and great communication for arrival time. Thoroughly recommend.
Hilary Martin – Yorkshire
Brilliant idea. Very reliable. Lovely friendly man rang the doorbell to let me know he was collecting our bags. Will keep using them
Charlotte – London
Amazing service, have used a few times over the years now and will carry on doing so! I’ve moved a few times across London and have used each time and never had any issues with location for pickups.
I used these and they collected 17 black sacks of clothing. They were polite and an easy way to up-cycle for a great sauce. Being disabled them collecting was a god send. Will use again and recommend
Charlie G – Oxford
Anglo was the only company I could find that collected charity donations from my doorstep in Oxford, fast and efficient service, will be using you again soon.
Trish K – Redhill
Very easy to arrange collection, the driver arrived at the scheduled time and dealt with everything very efficiently. I’d certainly use this service again.
Such a great service and a great way to declutter which I have been doing this year. Also it’s so easy to book collection dates online. I thank you and would recommend to my friends and family.
I have always used these guys for my clothes donations, they are very friendly and drivers are always helpful.
Great service! Thank you so much for collecting all of my donations for free right from my front door. Will definitely be using Anglo again!
Lesley W – Harrow
“I book with Anglo Doorstep Collections because it’s an easy, safe way to pass on unwanted things, knowing their sale will help very worthwhile charities.”

Areas we Operate.

We currently collect from most parts of England, with new collection areas being added all the time.

We collect from the postcodes in Orange. 

Enter your post code into our booking engine to find out if we currently collect from your area.

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Give Back. Effortlessly.

After we receive your amazing donations…

We sort through the donations, pack them into categories and re home all around the world to countries who need and desire the items most. After costs, we can donate 60% of the proceeds to our partnered charities.

For every kg of clothes we re-home you save the planet 25kg of CO2 and 10,000 litres of fresh water. 

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Here’s How You’ll be giving Back
By giving to charity.
By giving to charity.
We pay charities for every single donation you make.
By giving your clothes a 2nd chance.
By giving your clothes a 2nd chance.
All your donations go to the less fortunate. Everything is exported to the third world.
By doing your bit for the environment.
By doing your bit for the environment.
Re-housing helps to reduce both carbon and water footprints.
By enabling the circular economy.
By enabling the circular economy.
Putting surplus items back into circulation reduces waste and resources.
By giving back to yourself.
By giving back to yourself.
Donating not only helps those in need and the environment. But a declutter can do wonders for your own well being.

How your Donations Help to Reduce Waste.

The average item of clothing is only worn 10 times before being discarded. In the UK alone, 360,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away each year. Anglo Doorstep Collections is currently making around 2,500 collections every week. By rehousing the donations we collect, this saves around 98,950 tonnes of CO2 each year, which is enough energy to supply 38,057 home for a year. This also saves 37 Billion litres of water, which is enough to supply 685,000 homes in the UK for a year.
collections made each year.
tonnes of CO2 saved in one year.
litres of water saved in one year.