How to Donate Unwanted Toiletries and Perfumes: re-homing and recycling

Nowadays, sustainability is a top priority for many people. From reducing waste to recycling and re-homing, there are many ways to make a positive impact on the environment. One easy way to be sustainable is by recycling and re-homing your unused toiletries and perfumes. If you have a collection of barely used bottles of perfume or other toiletries, gathering dust on your shelves. Consider booking a collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections to donate your toiletries and perfumes and give them a new lease on life. Select a charity you would like to support when placing your doorstep collection.

If you have toiletries, perfumes, or gift sets that you know will never be used, then keep reading.

By donating these items, you can help reduce waste and provide essential products to those in need. Many organisations can repurpose these toiletries and perfumes for shelters, community centers, and other charitable causes, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Make a difference today by turning your surplus into a resource for others. See our list below to see what items we can collect from you.

What Toiletries Do We Collect?

List of items below:
  • Perfumes, body sprays (Minimum 50% full)
  • Makeup (Not been used)
  • Gift sets
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Haircare; shampoo, conditioner, oils, sprays
  • Accessories e.g. Tweezers, Hairbands, etc
  • Nail Varnish
  • Bath bombs
  • Moisturisers
  • We also collect small electrical’s such as hairstyling tools; straighter, curler, hairdryer, and more.

What Should You do With Your Unwanted Toiletries?

Looking to learn how to donate unwanted toiletries, perfume, makeup, haircare, and gift sets? While there are several places that accept toiletry donations, we stand out by offering a unique service. We collect your toiletry donations directly from your home. Plus, we accept toiletries that are at least 50% full. Choose us for a convenient and hassle-free way to give back.

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Most people know what perfume, toiletries and makeup they love to use day in and day out. Have you been gifted a perfume that isn’t for you? A Christmas Gift set you still haven’t used? Then donate them instead of letting them take up space in your home. Declutter the bathroom, makeup section and the box of Christmas gifts that still haven’t been used. A third of people shove unwanted Christmas presents into cupboards never to be used again, large majority of these are gift sets.

We collect hygiene, beauty and personal care essentials. If you want to help one of our partnered charities, rummage through your bathroom cabinets at home. See what you do not use or have never used and pack them up ready to donate.

Boxes of toiletries.

Booking a Charity Collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections

How to Donate Unwanted Toiletries and Perfumes: We offer a simple and hassle-free solution for donating your toiletries, perfume, makeup, haircare and more. Scheduling a pickup is easy, allowing you to clear out your bathroom cabinets effortlessly.

Choose a collection date that fits your schedule, and our team will gather your donated toiletries from your doorstep. If you’re not available on the collection day, simply leave the items outside for pickup for our lovely drivers.

Support a charity by donating your perfume, makeup and haircare

When you donate your toiletries, perfumes, makeup, haircare and more through Anglo Doorstep Collections. You’re backing incredible charities in England. Whether it’s hygiene essentials for shelters or beauty products for those in need, your donation positively impacts others’ lives. Upon scheduling your doorstep collection, you have the option to choose a charity from our website’s list to support. Explore further details about our partnered charities by clicking here. We’re committed to giving your cherished items a new purpose and supporting charitable causes along the way.

Promoting Sustainable Habits in England when you re-home

Engaging in the recycling and redistribution of toiletries encourages sustainable practices and decreases the need for new products. Our aim is to boost the popularity of gently used toiletries! Many people will buy a product and realise it is not for them. We are here to provide a solution for England. We can collect the toiletries, haircare and perfume you have used once and did not like or want to keep. Skincare is a commonly purchased item that can be used once and not used again, as many skincare products may not work for certain people.

Opting to reuse these items is an environmentally conscious decision that aids in preserving natural resources and cutting down on the carbon footprint linked to toiletry manufacturing and transportation. We aim to put the nations un-used items back into circulation and re-home them whilst supporting our partnered charities. We are here to help clear your home of clutter and turn your clutter into someone else’s joy.

Toiletry bottles are ready to be donated.

To find out more about how it works

To find out about how booking a free charity doorstep collection, when the driver would collect and what happens after to all our items, not just toiletries at Anglo, click here to watch our video. This will show you step by step how it works. Make a difference just by booking a doorstep collection and donating your unwanted books. Click the book button below. The importance of learning how to donate unwanted toiletries and perfumes will help our planet, charities and many families receiving the donations.

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Do you live in the South of England? If you do and are looking to make some quick cash from your unwanted toiletries, perfumes, makeup, skincare, and haircare items. Then head to a Worth Its Weight cabin where they will weigh your items and you can earn some cash.

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