How it Works!

The video demonstrates the entire journey, starting with customers booking a collection online, selecting a convenient time slot, and specifying their donation preferences. It then showcases the packing process, with donors preparing their contributions with care and compassion.

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The highlight of the How it Works video is the collection day itself, where an Anglo Doorstep Collections driver arrives at the donor’s doorstep to pick up the packed donations. The driver is courteous and efficient, making the process hassle-free for the donors. As viewers follow along, they gain a clear understanding of how this charitable initiative works, emphasising the ease and convenience it offers to those who wish to make a positive impact on their community.

To find out what we collect click here to see a detailed list of what we can and cannot accept.

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How Anglo Doorstep Collections Work:

Follow our simple steps on how to get your collection booked.

Book your collection: Pick a charity to support & select a date that works for your. (Donations can be left outside for our drivers, no need to be home)

Pack up your donations: They can be packed into bags or boxes. Check our what we do and do not accept list.

Collection Date: Have the donations ready on the day and our driver will collect!

Our booking and collection process is simple and quick for our customers. If you have any questions please fill out our contact us form, we are happy to help.

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We collect all across England, to find see a list of all the counties we collect in click here. Share with friends, family or neighbours! Let them know they no longer need to have their charity donations sitting in the house or carboot for months on end, we can collect from their home for free.