Charity Collections Near West Sussex

Looking for a service to collect your charity donations from your home? We are here to help!

We collect a range of donations from households in West Sussex for our partnered charities. Donations such as clothes, shoes, books, toys, to kitchenware, electrical and small household items. To see a full list of what we collect, click here.

charity donation collection in West Sussex

How Our Charity Collections Work

  1. Schedule Your Charity Collection: Visit our website to book your collection. Choose a preferred date and select one of our supported charities.
  2. Prepare Your Donations: If you’re a West Sussex Resident, pack your donations into bags or boxes.
  3. Choose Your Location: On the collection date, leave your bags or boxes outside your home. If you prefer to be home, keep them indoors and our driver will knock when they arrive.
  4. Collection Day: Our driver will arrive on the scheduled day. You will receive a tracking link that provides a 2-hour window for your pickup.

At Anglo Doorstep Collections, our collections are free, and we will collect directly from your home. Items can be kept inside and our drivers will knock on the door, or if you are not going to be home, donations can be left on the doorstep or in a safe place for our drivers.

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Declutter Your Wardrobe and Cupboards

It is estimated that 30% of unwanted clothing in the UK ends up littering landfills, furthering this, more than 60% of UK households claim to own unwanted clothing. With fashion already a large contributor to pollution levels around the world, how we dispose of the clothes we no longer wear is an important issue.

If you live in West Sussex, start making a difference. We make sure all items are re-homed for their original purpose. By booking your charity collection, you are saving these items from landfill, Saving Water usage and C02 Emissions.

A Map of the West Sussex Collection Area:

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If you don’t live in the West Sussex area, click here and view our other areas we collect in. Share with friends and family.

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