Who are we?

Anglo Doorstep Collections is a UK based company that collects charity donations of unwanted clothing and small household items, direct from our customers’ homes. Our collection service is free, efficient and you get to select a charity to support.

About Anglo Doorstep Collections

We currently operate a fleet of vehicles making doorstep collections 5 days a week!

We only make a collection once a customer has placed a booking with us, so that we can operate more efficiently and sustainably. Meaning our customers can organise and plan their charity donation collection in the most hassle-free way possible.

Once the booking is made, our customers simply put their charity donations into boxes or bags and leave them outside their homes at the allotted time and date.

Donated to Charity since 2021

What Happens to the Items Collected?

Once we have collected the items, they are then sold in other countries where they are needed most. The items are not recycled. They are rehoused.

The money we raise from the sale of these items, minus our operating costs, is then donated to charity. Typically, this equates to around 60% of the money raised.

So far, we have donated over £402,036 to charity.

What are the Benefits of a Doorstep Collection?

Your donations benefit charity:
We are supporting a few charities. Together for Short Lives, Advance, MediCinema and Ecologi allowing you to plant a tree! To learn more about our charities, click here.
It’s super convenient:
Unlike some organisations, we don’t just take clothing, but also household items and bric-a-brac. We also don’t limit you to a single bag or box, so you can really have a good clear out. We also collect from most areas on a monthly basis, so if you don’t have huge amounts of time to undertake a full spring clear out, then you can arrange smaller, regular collections.
It’s Free and Nationwide:
We cover all the costs of the collections and sorting, so that you pay nothing. We also cover most parts of the UK, with new areas being added regularly.
It helps the environment:
Charity shops here in the UK have been absolutely inundated with donations and can’t accept most of them. They often contact us to take their surplus stock. If it weren’t for these collections, sadly, most of it ends up in landfill as people just don’t want to wait or don’t want the inconvenience of loading the car up and taking it to a shop. Or in many cases, they don’t have a car.
We’re reliable:
We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable collection service we can, so unless something unforeseen happens, we will be there, rain or shine.

Items we Collect

All the items we collect are re-sold in other countries, so they need to be in good condition.
Children’s and baby clothing
New and used clothing
Winter and summer clothing
Jackets and coats
Household Items
Bed Linen
Unfortunately We Cannot Collect
Board Games
Socks, underwear
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