Anglo Doorstep Collections is a UK based company, that makes regular, free, collections of unwanted clothing and household items, direct from our customers’ homes.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where do I leave the donations?

If you are home at the time of collection, you can keep them inside and our drivers will knock. If you are out at the time of collection, please leave them bagged/boxed up clearly placed and labelled. Please add these details into the notes section when booking. If it is going to be raining, please try to cover them or leave them somewhere they can be protected.

What happens to the donations?

Our drivers collect and deliver the donations to the warehouse. They are then categorised and sorted into clothes, Bric-à-brac and larger items. After the items have been sorted, we securely pack, wrap, and label the Bric-à-brac items into boxes ready for transportation to their new homes. The items are sent worldwide to the Countries that need and desire the items most. The clothes are sorted into gender, age, seasons, and colour categories. Countries will request what they are in need or and we will help supply specifics for them so nothing goes to waste.

Is the collection free?

All our collections are free, all you need to do is make a booking and leave your donations outside on the day of collection and we do the rest!

Do you collect furniture?

We do not collect furniture, or big bulky items such as push chairs, cots, exercise machines, etc

How often do you collect in my postcode?

We collect in majority of postcodes across the country. We visit each postcode a minimum of once a month. For our postcodes that get booked up frequently, we visit twice a month.

How much have you raised for charities?

So far we have raised a total of £402,036 for the Charities we are supporting.

How do I cancel?

At the top of our page is a cancel booking button. All you need is the email you booked with. If you booked over the phone and did not use an email, please call us on 0800 037 1938 or E-mail us at info@anglodoorstepcollections.co.uk with your full name and address to cancel the booking. Please note cancellations need to be done by 4pm the day before.

What percentage goes to charity?

60% of money raised goes to our partnered charities. The rest goes towards running costs for our fleet of vans, warehouse, drivers and staff.


For any further questions or queries, contact us on:
E-mail: info@anglodoorstepcollections.co.uk
Phone: 0800 037 1938

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Donated to Charity since 2021

What Happens to the Items Collected?

Once we’ve collected the items, the items are then sold in charity and second hand shops in other countries where they are most in need. The items are not recycled. They are rehoused. The money we raise from the sale of these items, minus our operating costs, is then donated to charity. Typically this equates to around 60% of the money raised.

What are the Benefits of a Doorstep Collection?

Your donations benefit charity:
We are currently collecting for a fantastic charity called Wendy’s Wish. They are a small independent charity that is doing wonderful things with the funds. They have been able to make substantial donations to the Eye Tumour Research Fund and to grant a number of ‘wishes’ to help patients currently suffering with cancer.
It’s super convenient:
Unlike some organisations, we don’t just take clothing, but also household items and bric-a-brac. We also don’t limit you to a single bag or box, so you can really have a good clear out. We also collect from most areas on a monthly basis, so if you don’t have huge amounts of time to undertake a full spring clear out then you can arrange smaller, regular collections.
It’s Free and Nationwide:
We cover all of the costs of the collections and sorting, so that you pay nothing. We also cover most parts of the UK, with new areas being added regularly.
It helps the environment:
Charity shops here in the UK have been absolutely inundated with donations and can’t accept most of them. They often contact us to take their surplus stock. If it weren’t for these collections, sadly, most of it ends up in landfill as people just don’t want to wait or don’t want the inconvenience of loading the car up and taking it to a shop. Or in many cases, they don’t have a car.
We’re reliable:
We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable collection service we can, so unless something unforeseen happens, we will be there, rain or shine

Items we Collect

All the items we collect are re-sold in other countries, so they need to be in good condition.
Children’s and baby clothing
New and used clothing
Winter and summer clothing
Jackets and coats
Household Items
Bed Linen
Unfortunately We Cannot Collect
Board Games
Socks, underwear
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