Our Partnership with MediCinema

MediCinema is one of our charity partners, a well established charitable organisation that improves the quality of life of NHS patients and their families through the power of the shared cinema experience and the magic of film.

About MediCinema

They build and operate state-of-the-art cinemas within hospitals, allowing patient and their families to enjoy the latest films in a comfortable and immersive setting away from the challenges of the wards. These cinemas are specially designed to meet the needs of those in hospital and who also may not be able to attend traditional cinemas due to their medical conditions, with space for beds, wheelchairs, medical equipment and two nurses present at every screening. The organisation believes that the power of film can provide an escape from the challenges of illness and treatment and help improve the overall mental and emotional well-being of patients.

The organisation receives no money from the NHS or government and relies on donations and support from the community to fund its operations and continue bringing the power of cinema to those in need. By providing this unique form of entertainment and relaxation, Medi Cinema creates a positive and supportive environment which enriches the quality of life of patients, improves their experience of the hospital, and gives them the strength to cope with what they’re going through.

James’s Case Study, Told by Mum Sonia

All my life I’ve believed in signs and fate. A robin always seems to appear when I need it most, to remind me of my Grandad, and even just recently when visiting the Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary, there was a beautiful blue and purple butterfly painted on the wall – a special symbol between myself and my Nan who recently passed – that brought me to tears when I saw it. I’d been in the hospital as my nine-year-old son, James, had recently come down unexpectedly with stomach pains and a temperature of over 40 degrees. The doctors were worried it could be appendicitis so hooked James up to a drip and a course of antibiotics, and we’d settled in for an open-ended stay until he was recovered. It was during that time we discovered the MediCinema charity, and, looking back now, it feels as if that happened for a reason.

James had been having a scan the afternoon of our visit, so it was our first stroke of good luck that we made it just in time for the film to start. James was helped out of his wheelchair into the spacious front row beside me and we were looking around admiring how the MediCinema was just like any normal cinema. Then I realised that my cousin’s family were all sat in the row behind us! I couldn’t believe the chances of it– we had no idea they would be there. The screening became a proper family affair after that as we spent the entire evening singing along to the songs in the film, and just having the best time together.

How MediCinema makes a difference:

I’m classed as vulnerable so haven’t been to the cinema in years, and the metal rods in my back mean I can’t sit for long periods of time. However I had no problem at MediCinema as I was able to stand up and sit down whenever I needed to help relieve my back. It felt like MediCinema charity had picked up all our spirits and in doing so taken our minds away from the pain.

Personal story from a MediCinema Patient family member:

“It was afterwards though, when we were back in James’s hospital room, that I really saw the benefits of MediCinema come to life. The nurse took James’s temperature and told us it had dropped. The colour in his face had totally changed and you could see that he visibly looked better and more himself. Thankfully, in the following days, we found out that there was no serious issue with his appendix and his illness soon cleared; but I really think that the mood booster of MediCinema was also a factor in helping with James’s recovery process. It’s completely true that there are physical improvements when you start to feel better on the inside too. I want to say a big thank you to MediCinema for providing this amazing health-care service for free to families like mine. Everything about the experience was fantastic; we couldn’t have felt safer or more at home there. We loved every second.”

We are thrilled to partner with MediCinema and to support them in their endeavours. To assist them further, consider booking a collection today and donating your unwanted items.

Book your free charity doorstep collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections today, to directly help our partner charity MediCinema. To learn more about MediCinema visit their website.