Our Affiliation with the Charity Retail Association

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We are thrilled to announce that Anglo Doorstep Collections has been accepted as an affiliate of The Charity Retail Association, marking an important milestone in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and ethical fundraising practices.

Anglo Doorstep Collections & Our Affiliation with the Charity Retail Association

With the rise of consumerism, the importance of sustainability, recycling, and the circular economy has never been more crucial. Organisations like the CRA are here to ensure the best practices in this sector.

What is the Charity Retail Association (CRA)?

The Charity Retail Association is the UK’s trade association for charity shops. Their mission is to support, promote, and enhance the safe and effective delivery of charity retail operations throughout the UK.

Anglo Doorstep Collections: Bridging the Gap

We are an organisation specialising in the collection of used clothing, shoes, and household items. Our efforts not only help charities raise funds but also divert tons of waste from landfills annually.

In today’s world, where there’s a growing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Affiliations between Anglo Doorstep Collections and the CRA are invaluable. This partnership promotes the reuse of items and divert waste from landfills, but they also support charitable causes that rely heavily on the proceeds from reselling donated goods.

Charity retail operations play a unique role in our communities. They provide affordable goods, support local employment, and offer volunteer opportunities, all while raising funds for numerous causes. Having Anglo Doorstep Collections, affiliated with CRA, ensures that this sector continues to thrive and make a difference.

The collaboration between Anglo Doorstep Collections and the CRA shows the strength of partnerships for sustainability and charity retail movements.

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Thank you for supporting Anglo Doorstep Collections.

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