This is what we have managed to achieve so far this year

Find out about our four partnered charities…

Wendy’s Wish (Charity no: 1175368) is an eye cancer charity which helps with research and providing wishes to those with living with cancer. For Wendy’s Wish (Charity no: 1175368) we have helped raise a total of £220,720

Advance (Charity no: 1086873) are a domestic abuse charity. That helps women and children rebuild their lives and give them the much-needed support. For Advance (Charity no: 1086873) we have helped raise a total of £11,966

Ecologi is a platform to reverse and halt climate change by planting trees. So far, we have planted 13,345 trees in 2023. When you book with us, you can choose to plant 5 trees. We have partnered with Ecologi to give back to the planet. We have planted 16,730 trees

The Disasters Emergency Committee (Turkey & Syria Earthquake fund) to help those rebuild their lives due to this disaster.Disaster Emergency Committee, specifically the Turkey-Syria Earthquake fund, we helped raise a total of £10,253

Because we re-home all items donated, here are the environmental savings you have helped save:

CO2 Emissions Saved per year: 88 111 000 kgs

H2O Saved per year: 41629 900 000 litres

Landfill space saved per year: 9 333 cubic metres.

Once again thank you for your kind and generous donation. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.