Plymouth: Donate Clothes, Footwear, and More to Charity

A Convenient Way to Donate: We understand that finding the time to drop off donations at a charity shop can be difficult. That’s why we offer a free collection service right at your doorstep. You don’t need to be home when we collect your items! You select the date and get your donations ready for our driver to collect.

Plymouth Charity Collections Near you!

Customer packing charity donations

Donations we collect:

  • Clothing: Re-wearable clothing items for all ages and sizes.
  • Shoes: Don’t let those old or outgrown shoes gather dust; we’ll gladly take them off your hands.
  • Books: Whether you have novels, textbooks, or children’s books, we collect them all.
  • Toys: soft/cuddly and other toys!
  • Household Items: From kitchenware to decor, we pickup various household items in good condition.
  • Electronics: Functional gadgets and electronics that could benefit others.

To see our full detailed list of what we do and do not collect. Click here.

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How Anglo Doorstep Collections works:

  • Schedule a Collection: Book via our website (book button below) to book in your collection.
  • Get Your Items Ready: Collect the items you wish to donate and place them outside your doorstep on the scheduled day.
  • We Collect: Our friendly Driver will collect your donations, you will have helped stopped the items going to landfill

Giving Back Made Easy: With Anglo Doorstep Collections, giving back to the community is as simple as decluttering your home. Whether you have a few clothing items or a box full of donations, we will pick up! The donation process is hassle-free and accessible to everyone in the Plymouth area.

We make donating and clearing out easier than ever before! Anglo Doorstep Collections offer charity collections in Plymouth (PL postcode area) regularly. When you book your free collection, you can select a charity. Not only is our aim to help support our partnered charities, but also to stop unwanted and unused household items end up in landfill when households no longer want or need them. We have prevented over 5,000 tonnes from going to landfill just in 2023. We aim to double this in 2024. You can help our wonderful charities and the planet just by booking your free collection with us.

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You don’t live in Plymouth? But Live in another part of the country or know someone else who does? Click here to see other places we collect from in England. To see other parts of Devon & Cornwall we collect in, Click here. Share & Book with Anglo Doorstep Collections today!