Declutter Your Mind: Mental Health Awareness Week with Anglo Doorstep Collections

As Mental Health Awareness Week approaches, it’s important to recognise the connection between our mental well-being and our physical environments. At Anglo Doorstep Collections, we understand the profound impact that clutter can have on mental health, which is why we’re committed to promoting a tidy, clear, clutter-free home environment and raising vital funding for Mind charity.

When is Mental Health Awareness Week 2024?

Mental Health Awareness Week typically falls in May, serving as a crucial reminder to prioritise mental well-being and raise awareness about mental health issues. This year, the campaign is running from the 13th to the 19th of May. However, to raise more awareness and try to fundraise as much as we can, we are running our Mind charity campaign from the 7th to the 19th of May.

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About Mind Charity

Mind Charity was established in 1946, originally as the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH). Later renamed Mind in 1972. Even though 1 in 4 people have mental health problems, most of us don’t get the help we need. Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf. This has to change. We’re Mind. We’re here to fight for mental health. For support, for respect, for you. To read more, visit their website.

Vision: We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect.

Mission: We give advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Their Goals

Staying well: Support people likely to develop mental health problems, to stay well.

Empowering choice: Empower people who experience a mental health problem to make informed choices about how they live and recover

Improving services and support: Ensure people get the right services and support at the right time to help their recovery and enable them to live with their mental health problem

Enabling social participation: Open the doors to people with experience of mental health problems participating fully in society

Removing inequality of opportunity: Gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination

Organisational excellence: Make the most of our assets by building a culture of excellence.

How your mental health can be affected by clutter in your home

Research has shown that a cluttered home can contribute to stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm. In fact, over 80% of individuals report experiencing stress and anxiety directly linked to the clutter in their living spaces. The accumulation of excess household items can create a sense of chaos and disarray, making it difficult to relax and unwind.

But the good news is that decluttering your environment can lead to significant improvements in mental health. By clearing out unnecessary items and organising your space, you can create a sense of calm that positively impacts your mood and overall well-being. A tidy home will give you control over your surroundings, reducing feelings of overwhelm and promoting a more positive mindset. The BBC researched into can decluttering your home make you happier, read more here.

How can we help?

We are here to help our customers create a space that will support their mental health and well-being. Our doorstep collection service makes decluttering easy and convenient. Allowing customers to clear out unwanted items from your home without the stress and hassle of transporting them yourself. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or simply wanting to create a more organised living space. We are here to help you clear your home by donating with ease to charity.

Besides providing practical solutions for decluttering, we want to support mental health initiatives. We are proud to fundraise for Mind Charity, a leading mental health charity in the UK. Mind provides vital support and resources for those experiencing mental health challenges, working to promote understanding, and provide access to services and support networks. This Mental Health Awareness Week, take a proactive step towards improving your mental well-being by decluttering your home with our help. Not only will you create a more peaceful home, but you’ll also be supporting your mental health and Mind charity. Together, let’s raise awareness and prioritise mental well-being in our homes.

If you book your collection between 7th may to the 19th of May, you can choose to support Mind charity.

Support Mind Charity

Remember, a clear space leads to a clear mind. Let’s declutter for mental health and Mind charity!