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MediCinema Charity No: 1058197
MediCinema Charity transforms hospital patients’ mental resilience, helping them cope with the challenging and often frightening situations they are facing. MediCinema’s are free, state-of-the-art cinemas inside hospitals, allowing thousands of patients every year to leave the wards to have precious time with family while also accommodating their medical needs.

Their mission is to enhance the well-being and quality of life for patients facing various health challenges, offering them a brief respite from the realities of their health problems and the often daunting hospital surroundings.

Jake at the RVI Hospital, Newcastle
“My little boy Jake was three when we were hit with the news that he had leukaemia. It was a truly awful time for our family. Spending an evening as a family at the MediCinema was the relief that we needed. It took us out of the clinical, bright white hospital room and gave us some normality. Your life may have been turned upside down, but your given these special moments that you will always cherish.” – Jake’s Dad, Craig.

See how MediCinema transforms hospital patients’ mental resilience – click play!

We are thrilled to partner with MediCinema and to support them in their endeavours. To assist them further, book a free doorstep collection today and donate your unwanted items.

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