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The Lily Foundation stands as the primary charitable organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to addressing mitochondrial diseases. It also holds the distinction of being the leading supporter of mitochondrial research in Europe. Its central mission revolves around improving the quality of life for individuals affected by mitochondrial diseases while working toward a future where effective treatments or cures are attainable.

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To achieve its mission, the Lily Foundation focuses on three main approaches:

  1. They offer essential and continuous support to patients, their families, and dedicated caregivers.
  2. They are actively engaged in educational initiatives, information dissemination, and public awareness campaigns aimed at enhancing understanding of mitochondrial diseases.
  3. They allocate funds to support scientific research into mitochondrial diseases. The goal is advancing the pursuit of effective treatments and potential cures.

Promoting medical research into mitochondrial diseases is a pivotal aspect of our work. This support not only holds the potential to lead to a cure but also leads to immediate enhancements in the lives of those affected.

Research projects funded by the Lily Foundation have already resulted in quicker and less invasive diagnostic methods for patients. They have provided assistance to families dealing with mitochondrial illnesses, enabling them to have healthy babies.

Furthermore, we are currently exploring multiple promising avenues for the development of new treatments.

We are collecting donations for the Lily Foundation who do not have the means to raise funds through donations.

Contribute to the Lily Foundation’s critical fundraising efforts, you can do so by donating your unwanted clothing. Book your charity collection today. For more details on how to support us in this manner, please click here.