Do You Have Donations for Charity in Woking?

Easy Charity Donations in Woking. We want to make charitable giving accessible and easy for everyone. Schedule your free charity collection today and be a part of this essential mission. Looking to donate your clothes or other household items such as toys, books, linen, towels, kitchenware? We can collect all of those items in oen go from your doorstep.

Regular collections in Woking Postcode area GU21. Schedule your free charity collection using the Book Now button below.

Charity Collections in Woking, driver loading a van with donations.

Book Your Free Home Collection Service with us and select a charity to support!

We offer a reliable and free and Easy Charity Donations in Woking, making it convenient for all local residents to contribute to charity, give back to our planet and declutter their homes with ease. We are preventing unwanted items ending up in landfill, all items donated are used again for their original purpose.

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We offer Free Charity Collections in your area:

  1. Schedule a Pickup: Simply book your collection online for your charitable donations.
  2. Collection Day: On the scheduled day, our friendly driver will visit your doorstep to collect your donations. They can be left outside labelled for us or kept inside and we will knock on your door!
  3. Creating Change: Your donations will directly contribute to positive change in Woking.

Our aim is to simplify the way residents can support charities regularly, by simply bagging up their clothes they no longer want and booking a collection. We also offer the chance to plant a tree through our free and reliable charity collections in Woking.

Over 60% of households own unwanted items of clothing. We are helping solve a problem! Clearing out clothes and making sure they do not end up in Landfill but benefit a charity! Your donations can be bagged or boxed up and left outside on the doorstep, ready for our driver to collect. If you have items of clothes or soft items, they can be bagged. Any hard or fragile items can be packed safely for transport into a box. No need to be home. When booking your collection, you can select a charity to support and the date that suits you best.

Map of the Woking Area Below:

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We cover all of Surrey and all the main Counties across England. If you know someone in the area, a friend or family member who needs a collection, share this link with them or refer a friend via your special link in your booking confirmation email. Everyone has clothes sitting in their wardrobe they no longer wear!

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