Raising funds for Fulham Football Foundation

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Fulham Football Club have an incredible charity called Fulham Football Foundation. This foundation uses the power of football to enact positive change. Through our partnership, we had the honour of collecting a variety of unused clothing items, including football kits, shoes, socks, and more, generously donated by Fulham FC. This collection of items served a dual purpose: not only were they destined for donation to those in need, but they also found new homes through our rehoming initiatives.

Fulham FC cares a lot about being eco-friendly. They work hard to use green practices in everything they do, from their stadium to their community work.

How we help raise funds?

Our collaboration with Fulham Football Foundations allows them to donate their old football kits no longer being used to us and we can raise funding for their amazing Football Foundation! We are stopping the items they have donated otherwise ending up in Landfill or sitting in storage. They now have a new life!

Find out more about the work that Fulham FC provide to help towards sustainability on their website.

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