Celebrating Our December 2023 “Refer a Friend” Winner – Kareena!

We are thrilled to kick off the new year with some exciting news: Kareena is the winner of our December 2023 “Refer a Friend” campaign at Anglo Doorstep Collections! This initiative is all about celebrating individuals who actively promote our services within their social circles.

Kareena’s dedication has not only earned her the £100 prize but has also won our admiration for her commitment to scheduling a complimentary charity bag collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections and for passionately spreading the word about us among her friends, family, and neighbors.

In Kareena’s own words, “I love to use the service because it’s quick, easy, and very reliable, and knowing they help with charities is an extra bonus.”

Join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to Kareena for this well-deserved recognition. We also want to express our sincere gratitude for her continuous support, which plays a significant role in helping us make a positive impact in our community.

But here’s the exciting part: the thrill doesn’t end with Kareena! You too can become a winner by participating in our “Refer a Friend” campaign. The more friends and neighbors you refer, the greater your chances of winning our monthly prize. Your personalised “refer a friend” link can be easily found in your booking confirmation email or on the booking confirmation page. All you have to do is share it with your acquaintances, and when they book a collection through your link, you’ll have the chance to win £100 as well!

So, why wait? Start the year off right by scheduling your complimentary charity bag collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections today, and join us in our mission to make a real difference in our community! Together, we can achieve great things.