Our Partnership with Together for Short Lives

We are thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with Together for Short Lives.

As the leading charity in the UK for children’s palliative care, Together for Short Lives plays a vital role in assisting 99,000 families. These families confront the difficult reality of having a child with a life-limiting condition. Their comprehensive support ensures that families never face these challenges alone, enabling them to cherish every moment they have together, regardless of its duration.

In addition to their assistance to 54 children’s hospices nationwide. Together for Short Lives’ Family Support Hub extends practical, emotional, and financial aid to families caring for children with life-threatening illnesses across the entire UK.

This partnership is of utmost significance as it underscores the crucial importance of supporting families in incredibly challenging circumstances. By joining forces with Together for Short Lives, we take great pride in our collective efforts to enhance the quality of life for these children and their families, leaving a lasting and meaningful impact.

Lucy Crisp, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Together for Short Lives said:

“We are so excited to work with Anglo Doorstep Collections. It’s because of amazing businesses like theirs that families of seriously ill children who are struggling can access help through our Family Support Hub. Whether families need financial assistance, practical information or simply someone to talk to, we are here to be a helping hand. We’re so grateful to Anglo Recycling for helping us reach even more families when they need us most.”

How you can help:

You can help Together for Short Lives by booking a free collection with Anglo Doorstep Collections. We collect your unwanted household items from your doorstep. Free of charge. We collect a range of items such as clothes, shoes, kitchenware, toys, books and more. 

Together for Short Lives do not have the means to fundraise through charity donations. Anglo Doorstep Collections are providing them with this option.

For more information on Together for Short Lives visit their website.

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