Raising funds for Action for Children: Secret Santa

Through December 2023 we are raising funds for Action for Children charity for their campaign. Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child. We are running this campaign for one month only. If you would like to support keep reading…

Do you want the to help be a Secret Santa for vulnerable child?

We can help you do this! all you need to do is:

  1. Schedule a Pickup: Simply book your collection online for your charitable donations & select the tick box for Action for Children (This will only be available through December 2023)
  2. Collection Day: On the scheduled day, our friendly team will visit your doorstep to collect your donations.
  3. Creating Change: Your donations will directly contribute to a Secret Santa gift for Vulnerable children!

Anglo Doorstep Collections is dedicated to making charitable giving accessible and impactful. Schedule your free charity collection today and be a part of this essential mission.

For more information see Action for Children Secret Santa for vulnerable children click here