A word from our Charity Partner:  Wendy’s Wish

Wendy’s Wish  is a family run charity that started in memory of Wendy Reed, who died on 6th January 2017, 5 years after being diagnosed with “ocular melanoma” (a type of eye cancer). When someone has cancer, the effects reach far beyond the patient and our family motto has always been “we’re all in this together”. As a family, we set up the charity to raise money for the Eye Tumour Research Fund and to help cancer patients and their families, at the same time as raising the profile of all forms of eye cancer.

Wendy’s Wish has benefited massively from the collections organised and completed by Anglo Doorstep Collections and the Trustees cannot give enough thanks to the team behind the huge operation that they undertake, on our behalf, across large parts of the country. It has enabled us to increase the amount and number of grants that we have been giving both to cancer patients who need some extra support and to advance the research to find improved treatments in the fight against eye cancers.

The financial impact of having a family member with cancer can be enormous and make what is already a very difficult time even worse. Funds for essentials can be hard enough to find, but money for treats, to create memories or just to bring a smile can be extremely difficult. 

Recently, from Wendy’s Wish, we have arranged for a stair lift to be installed in a home, we have paid for a mum with only weeks to live to enjoy a day trip away with her large family to create memories for all her children. We have paid for essential car repairs and an MoT so a family could visit the hospice where the husband/dad was receiving care. Comfortable and specialist clothing, bedding and special mattresses, are common requests which we have been delighted to help with. We’ve paid for a nostalgic theatre trip and even a wedding for a young couple where the bride had very short life expectancy. 

At the same time Wendy’s Wish is supporting research into treatments for eye cancers, principally through the Eye Tumour Research Fund and the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Research Group (LOORG)  laboratories at Liverpool University where internationally recognised work is ongoing.  Last year we were pleased to be able to make another donation to LOORG and presented a cheque to them for £35,000.

During the covid  lockdowns, we distributed hampers to terminally ill cancer patients and these were very much appreciated. Here are some of the responses we got:

‘What a wonderful gift, it’s beautiful thank you’

‘How lovely, what a surprise! Thank you’

‘It’s so kind. Thank you for thinking of me’

All of this is possible because of the fantastic work of  the team at Anglo Doorstep Collections. Without them we could not do even a quarter of what is now achievable.  

Bill & Jill, Wendy’s Wish